MedSea Mesocosm Experiment in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Effects of ocean acidification and warming on pelagic ecosystem functioning of the Mediterranean

Getting ready

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Welcome to the first official news from the HCMR in Crete.

Through this blog  various people involved in the Mesocosm experiment will share the experience with you. Hopefully during the following days text and photos will show the work in progress from our individual points of view.

The experiment is in phase of preparation: the mesocosm bags have been assembled, positioned in the pools and currently being filled with marine water. This water is collected from 10 meters depth offshore Heraklion, enclosed in big containers and then transported back to the research centre: a work that requires the collaboration of many people, the use of a dedicated boat and truck, and a lot of resistance to sunburns!

The filling will continue tomorrow under the same shiny sun and blue sky.

Stay tuned for updates and in the meanwhile check the pictures section and our Youtube channel for videos,



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