MedSea Mesocosm Experiment in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Effects of ocean acidification and warming on pelagic ecosystem functioning of the Mediterranean

The chlorophyll team (by Nafsika Papageorgiou)

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The experiment has started!

It has been already past 4 days since the beginning of the mesocosm experiment. For the “chlorophyll team” that means filtering of water for many hours every day. The eastern Mediterranean is an ultra-oligotrophic sea and especially this time of the year the chlorophyll a concentration is very low. After a first analysis done in the natural sea water that was used to fill the mesocosms we decided to increase the volume of the filtered water to assure that the chlorophyll readings will be above the detection limit of the fluorometer used. Of course this means, unfortunately (for us), more hours spent with the noisy company of the pump! We all know how is it to work with background sound the purring of a pump but the one we use now is so loud that we think that by the end of the experiment we are going to be deaf. But today the chlorophyll results compensated our efforts and we had a first indication of a response to acidification. So as Vivi pointed out after she saw the results: the mesocosm experiment has officially started!


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