MedSea Mesocosm Experiment in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Effects of ocean acidification and warming on pelagic ecosystem functioning of the Mediterranean

Viral filtration (by Anastasia Tsiola)

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It took me a few days to know what I’m going to write on the blog about, because I was thinking and thinking again of an inspiring subject and the only word that was coming on my mind was “filtration”. Well, it’s a mesocosm experiment after all. If it’s not filtration then what is it? I believe I’ve never before spent so many hours in front of a 10-litre bottle, waiting for it to be filtered! The reason why? At this project I’m collecting three size fractions for genomics analysis: 3um, 0.2um and 0.1um. The last one (namely “giant viruses”) is the cause of my late evenings half sleeping half standing on the laboratory… Despite my complaints, it’s something I enjoy doing so much and I can’t wait for what the results will show! Apart from that, I spend my mornings analysing fresh autotrophs with another noisy (+sending-massive-heat-waves) machine, the flow cytometer.

I also collaborate with Irene for assessing bacterial activity via microscopy and image analysis techniques.

In the middle of the experiment, plenty of excuses to get grumpy! Big distances in the building, difficult paddling (didn’t expect that!), back problems, super sunny and humid mornings, cloudy Saturday… Fortunately, the reasons to be happy are even more, like the friendly and warm atmosphere between new and old participants and all the memories that bring us closer!



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