MedSea Mesocosm Experiment in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Effects of ocean acidification and warming on pelagic ecosystem functioning of the Mediterranean

The bacterial viability project (by Irene Tsikopoulou)

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This is the first time for me in a mesocosm experiment and I feel really lucky because Anastasia asked me to help her assessing bacterial activity. At the beginning, I thought it will be a routine. Collect the sample, stain it immediately with two dye components, filter the mixture and then observe the filter in the fluorescence microscope. That’s all… But no! It ends up a very glamorous work and let me explain why!

Please, use your imagination. Dim light, green or red stained “celebrities” bacteria, me, hiding behind the fluorescence microscope and a lot of photo shoots as quick as possible! Does it remind you of something? Perhaps, I’m a paparazzi… I’m so excited! Now, we are almost at the end of this experiment but still a lot of work needs to be done. I have to analyze the photos using an image analysis software and wait for what our results will show! I can’t wait.

Thanks to everyone who worked for the succession of this experiment and of course to Anastasia who included me in it.



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