MedSea Mesocosm Experiment in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Effects of ocean acidification and warming on pelagic ecosystem functioning of the Mediterranean

End of the experiment and personal considerations (by Barbara D’Amario)

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Yesterday was the last day of experiment: last sampling, processing and meeting. The scientific team has taken the final decision in the afternoon, after looking through the data collected.

So this morning we started to empty the mesocosm bags from the water: a long process that requires more than one day and a small team of people (but many changes as working under the direct rays of the sun is really exhausting!).

What can I say at the end of this experience?  For everybody it has had challenges, rewards, and for what concerns myself I also hope to obtain good data for my thesis. I’m especially interested in coccolithophores and the effects of “acidification” and warming (processes foreseen in the near future in the sea) on them. I still don’t have real results, as an accurate analysis at the microscope is required before, but checking a few samples I could already see the first cute calcified algae! That moment already repaid me for the long hours of filtering and lifting carboys!

New photos and videos about the last days will be uploaded soon. We will also show other moments of the work and some backstage scenes of the typical Cretan dinner that the people from HCMR offered to the guests, just beside the water tanks… a really suggestive location!

P1030475 DSCF0970foto 3


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